BeagleBone Black – Rev C Development Board Installation

BeagleBone Black – Rev C Development Board

BeagleBone Black is
similar to Raspberry Pi, but with slightly better hardware and slightly higher
price. Its CPU is AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8, memory is 512MB DDR3, and built-in
4GB eMMC flash. Here are some photos .


                                                        The front of the
BeagleBone Black.

The back of the
BeagleBone Black.

There is an RJ45
Ethernet port, Mini USB port, and 5V power input port on the side.

The other side has a
USB port, a Micro HDMI port, plus a MicroSD slot.

Below are the getting
started installation steps for the BeagleBone Black.

First, plug the attached Mini USB cable into the BeagleBone Black and connect
it to the computer. Since the BeagleBone Black can be directly powered by
USB, there is no need for an additional power supply if the USB cable is
plugged in.

You should now see a USB device in your computer.

After opening “BeagleBone Getting Started”, there is a hyperlink of
the driver in the documentation, please install it according to your own

BeagleBone Black
driver can also be downloaded from the BeagleBone
Black official website .

The driver installation process is very simple, just keep pressing Next.

During the installation of the driver, a confirmation screen similar to this
will appear, all of which should be selected “Install”.

and then press “Finish”.

Then open your browser and enter this URL:

If it is normal, you
should see the green message “Your board is connected!”, which means
you can start using the BeagleBone Black.

In this webpage, there is a small sample program of BoneScript, you can
directly modify the code on the webpage, and execute it immediately.

If the preset small
program is executed, the four USB LED indicators on the BeagleBone Black board
will be turned on at the same time.

The above is a brief
unboxing text. If you are interested in the application of BeagleBone
Black, I suggest you continue to read related articles on the Internet of Things .


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