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Operation of Milling Machine

Operation: Milling Machine. A milling machine is a device used to remove materials from a workpiece. The workpiece is fed through a rotating machine called’milling machine’. The Principles of Milling Machine Classification of Milling Machine...

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Amazing : How does orifice plate work?

What is an Orifice Meter ? Orifice meter (Orifice plate): Definitions, Types of orifices, Applications, Working Principles, Components and Disadvantages:- The orifice can be used to measure the flow rate, restrict flow, or reduce pressure...

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Types of Diaphragm Valve and its Applications

What are Diaphragm Valves (DVA)? DiaphragmValve: Types and Parts, Applications, Working Principle, Materials, Disadvantages and Advantages:DiaphragmValves have a valve with two or more ports. They also have an elastomeric membrane diaphragm. It’s similar to pinch-valve but uses...